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Is There a New ‘Mean Girls’ Movie in the Works? Here’s What We Know After the Cast Reunited

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Is There a New 'Mean Girls' Movie in the Works Here's What We Know After the Cast Reunited

Almost two decades after the release of Mean Girls, a recent sighting raised intrigue as three original cast members were seen collaborating on a mysterious project, donning pink attire no less! Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, and Lindsay Lohan were captured in early October on the set of this undisclosed endeavor, leaving fans eager to unravel the question of whether a new Mean Girls movie might be in the works.

Could a New ‘Mean Girls’ Movie Be in the Works? On October 6, pictures released by PEOPLE showcased Amanda and Lacey donning pink attire, sparking curiosity among fans. The Mamma Mia actress was captured entering a trailer with a roomy black tote bag, dressed in a figure-hugging pink dress. In contrast, Lacey, known for her role in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, was also spotted wearing a dress in a similar shade of pink, complemented by a light pink coat. Meanwhile, Lindsay’s outfit for the day leaned towards a more somber black palette.

The Plastics’ reunion was notably missing its queen bee, Rachel McAdams. Nevertheless, it was evident that the three actresses were relishing their time together, with Lacey behind the wheel of a silver convertible reminiscent of the iconic “Get in, loser, we’re going shopping” scene.

Adding a delightful touch to the reunion was the prop Lindsay carried on set—a small pouch bearing the inscription “Plastics Club Member EST. 2004. On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” Despite the appearance, it was reported that Lacey, Lindsay, and Amanda were actually on the set of a Los Angeles football field. As it turns out, the trio was shooting a Walmart Black Friday shopping commercial, which was set to release on November 1.

Nonetheless, the original cast has openly conveyed their eagerness for a Mean Girls sequel. In a 2020 conversation with David Spade, Lindsay expressed her desire, stating, “I think I held onto [Mean Girls] for a long time. I wanted to return with a Mean Girls 2 featuring the same cast, collaborate with Tina [Fey], and the entire team, including director Mark Waters. But that’s really in their hands.”

During the same year, Rachel also chimed in, saying, “It would be enjoyable to portray Regina George at a later stage in her life and explore where life took her.”

Fast forward two years, Lindsay and Amanda confirmed that there was no Mean Girls sequel aligning with their preferences currently in production. In a joint discussion with Interview magazine, Amanda remarked, “I would love the chance for all of us to reprise our original roles in Mean Girls on Broadway for just one week. Because, let’s face it, a Mean Girls 2 is probably not happening, is it?”

To which Lindsay replied, “I don’t know. I heard something about it becoming a movie musical, and I thought, ‘Oh no, we can’t do that. It has to maintain the same tone.'”

Following the triumph of the enduring teen classic, Freeform unveiled its original made-for-television feature, Mean Girls 2, featuring an entirely different cast, except for the return of Tim Meadows in the role of Principal Duvall. Subsequently, the 2004 film underwent a transformation into a Broadway musical production with the same title, debuting in 2018. Notably, in 2020, a musical movie adaptation was confirmed to be in the works.

Beyond its screen and stage adaptations, Mean Girls has etched a lasting legacy. Ariana Grande paid homage to the themes and characters in her “Thank U, Next” music video, where she portrayed Rachel’s iconic character, Regina George.

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