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Kim Kardashian Playfully Responds After Being Excluded from Family Christmas Video

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Kim Kardashian Playfully Responds After Being Excluded from Family Christmas Video

Omitting Kim Kardashian from the Kardashian-Jenner family’s holiday video? It seems rather impolite. Fans were quick to observe over the weekend that the Skims founder was notably absent from a charming Christmas-themed Instagram video featuring her sisters Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and their mother Kris Jenner. The absence of Kim in the festive family video did not go unnoticed, sparking curiosity and discussions among fans about her participation in the holiday festivities.

In the video shared on Sunday, every family member showcased their lip-syncing talents to Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me,” with each taking turns singing the song’s lyrics in individual shots. Despite the video being filmed in Kim’s house, Kylie humorously commented in the caption, “We couldn’t find Kimberly.” Naturally, the second eldest Kardashian sister couldn’t resist playfully calling out her siblings for the oversight in an amusing acknowledgment of her absence from the lip-syncing festivities.

Expressing herself, the 43-year-old shared, “Ummmm hosting is a lot of work and this is my fave song!!!!!” in an apparent attempt to clarify her absence. The shape-wear mogul playfully added, “Haterssss.” Fans eagerly voiced their opinions in the video’s comment section, expressing their disappointment at the famous family’s decision not to include Kim. One person humorously remarked, “It’s not going to be iconic without Kimberly, please reshoot [laughing faces].”

Another inquired, “Has anyone located [Kim]? I’m concerned.” Someone jokingly suggested that Kim “was in the bathroom,” adding that the family “could’ve waited.” This year, Kim assumed the role of hostess for her family’s traditional holiday celebration, held at her Los Angeles residence on Sunday, as reported by TMZ.

Much like all of Kim’s endeavors, the holiday gathering was nothing short of spectacular. Preceding the party, the fashion-forward personality treated fans to a glimpse of the meticulous preparations for the winter wonderland celebration through an Instagram video. In the clip, the law student provided a sneak peek of the opulent decorations adorning her residence, showcasing the fake-snow-covered yard where guests later enjoyed sleigh rides and the numerous festive Christmas trees that adorned the hallways of her home.

Despite hosting an extravagant celebration, Kim emphasized on social media that she opted for a sustainable approach in her gift-giving this year. “I just wanted to show you guys that I used Skims cotton fabric for my wrapping this year, and I’m gonna reuse it,” Kardashian shared on Instagram, as reported by Marie Claire and New York magazine on Thursday.

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