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Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, Announces Substantial Investment in Generative AI

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Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, Announces Substantial Investment in Generative AI

On Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a significant financial commitment to artificial intelligence, marking a noteworthy indication of the tech giant’s embrace of the prevailing generative AI trend. Speaking at Apple’s virtual annual shareholder meeting, Cook expressed the company’s recognition of the remarkable breakthrough potential within generative AI, explaining the substantial current investments in this domain. Cook emphasized Apple’s belief that such investments will unlock transformative opportunities for users, particularly in the realms of productivity, problem-solving, and beyond.

Although Apple has not introduced direct competitors to models like OpenAI’s GPT or Google’s Gemini, CEO Tim Cook hinted at an imminent major announcement this year. Cook stated, “Later this year, I look forward to sharing with you the ways we will break new ground in generative AI, another technology we believe can redefine the future.”

He also redefined various already announced Apple products as “AI-powered,” highlighting the company’s longstanding commitment to this technology. Traditionally favoring the term machine learning over AI, Apple has now embraced the broader category. According to Cook, existing features utilizing Apple’s AI technology include the hand-tracking tool in Vision Pro and heart rate alerts on the Apple Watch. Additionally, Cook mentioned that the chips integrated into Apple’s MacBooks are equipped to handle AI processes.

“AI is seamlessly integrated into our users’ lives, assisting with a myriad of tasks, ranging from the mundane to the crucial,” stated Cook. He highlighted how AI empowers the Apple Watch to automatically track workouts, distinguishing between activities like walking and swimming. Furthermore, AI capabilities enable the iPhone to automatically call for assistance in the event of a car accident. As part of its routine, Apple typically unveils new software products and features during its annual developer’s conference held in June.

During the meeting, Cook did not face inquiries about the Apple Car project, a venture he had previously referred to as the “mother of all AI projects.” On Tuesday, employees were informed of the program’s dissolution. When responding to a broad question about the company’s product releases, Cook emphasized the importance of focus, indicating that many decisions revolve around maintaining a concentrated approach.

The comments followed the rejection by Apple shareholders of a proposal that sought to mandate the production of a report on AI risks. Presented at the meeting by Apple retail employee and union organizer Michael Forsythe on behalf of AFL-CIO Equity Index Funds, the proposal aimed to compel the company to disclose ethical guidelines for AI. Apple opposed the initiative, contending that such disclosure could potentially reveal company secrets.

During the meeting, shareholders granted approval for Apple’s board of directors, which included the election of former Aerospace CEO Wanda Austin. Austin is set to join as Al Gore and James Bell retire. Additionally, shareholders endorsed the company’s auditor and executive compensation. Five distinct independent shareholder proposals, including the AI report, were opposed by Apple and subsequently rejected.

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