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Teacher Asserts Taylor Swift Was ‘Consistently Crafting Poetry’ During Class

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Teacher Asserts Taylor Swift Was 'Consistently Crafting Poetry' During Class

Before becoming an international popstar, Taylor Swift was already deeply involved in writing poetry. In a recent interview with CBS Philadelphia on Saturday, April 20, Barbara Kolvek, one of Taylor’s elementary school teachers, shed light on the singer’s early days. Two of Taylor’s former teachers expressed their pride and fond memories of their talented student when speaking to the local news outlet.

Barbara, Taylor’s former music teacher who has since retired from teaching, revealed that the “Fornight” singer has been passionate about writing poetry since her childhood. While many fans became aware of Taylor’s poetic talents through her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, Barbara shared that Taylor would often be caught writing poems even during music class. “She was always writing poetry, always. Even in music class, when she probably shouldn’t have been,” Barbara chuckled as she recounted to CBS Philadelphia.

Barbara shared some mementos Taylor had gifted her over the years, such as a yearbook, a signed t-shirt, and a stuffed snowman. She mentioned that they stayed in contact via email for several years as Taylor rose to fame. Barbara also recalled a significant early moment she shared with Taylor. “I was the one who gave her her very first singing solo!” she exclaimed. “I like to think I might have given her that initial spark or encouragement to pursue her passion.”

Since that initial singing solo, Taylor has achieved remarkable success. She has released 11 albums, earned 14 Grammys, and garnered numerous other accolades, from critical acclaim to record-breaking album sales and concert tours. Additionally, she holds the distinction of being the first billionaire whose primary source of income is music.

Even after all these years, the former teacher expressed enduring pride in Taylor. “I’m incredibly proud of her. She has remained focused and true to herself,” she remarked. “Taylor has always been genuine and transparent, and I deeply admire that about her.”

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